Legendary Coffee, Building Communities.

San Ignacio, we are coming your way!

The Grand Opening of our NEWEST Location is THIS FRIDAY, 11/11/22

20 Burns Ave, San Ignacio BZ


  • We are serving beans that are grown AND roasted locally. 
  • Our goal is LEGENDARY coffee and energy drinks served FAST and with EXCELLENCE every time.   That's the Coffee de los Mayas promise. 
  • We have a heart to use coffee to build better communities.
  • We donate a % of every cup back into the cities where we are located.

    See you At OUr Grand Opening THIS FRIDAY, 11/11/22!

    Tell all your friends, this is a Grand Opening you WON'T want to miss!

    Dear Mission-Driven Entrepreneur,

    So many following the marketing gurus are discovering hundreds of ways to launch, grow, and scale.

    Hearing things like:
    "Create a lead magnet to grow your email list." 
    "Build landing pages to get opt-ins."
    "Do a webinar and make an offer at the end."
    "Set up a sales funnel to increase sales online."
    "Start a podcast."
    "Post on 64 pieces of content on social media every day."

    Any of those could work. But it is hard to do…

    ...unless you have deep pockets and can afford to hire experts in every area to craft the words, design, and implement it all for you.

    If you’ve been following the gurus and trying to do all that stuff on your own -- be careful. You could end like one of the businesses that fail.  

    Listen, I don’t want that to happen to you.

    I want to see you succeed, build a legacy, create a movement that impacts the world.

    That’s why I’m giving away my proven, time-tested, profitable challenge secrets for FREE to save your business from getting stuck in the guru-cyclone and to set you up for financial freedom and fulfillment.

    I am 100% convinced there is no way we are just going back to business as usual when this pandemic is all over.

    The world as we knew it is gone forever. And that should come as good news. Because I think if we are being honest, it really wasn't that great to begin with.

    I believe the stage is now set... for us to go into a whole new world.

    A better world...

    A more efficient world...

    A more honest world...

    A more compassionate world...

    A more connected world.

    I believe it would be a huge mistake to sit around patiently waiting and hoping for your life and business will go back to what it was before the pandemic.
    It would also be a big mistake to keep trying every marketing method those gurus tell you about.

    Instead, let me show you how to crush it with challenges and build a movement-based business.

    I’ll teach the very thing that has had the greatest impact on my life as a mission-driven entrepreneur...

    Are you ready to learn the ways from The Challenge Guy?

    If so, join me and tens of thousands of other mission-driven entrepreneurs in the Free 5-Day Crush It Masterclass starting on May 16th at 10am PT.

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    In your service,

    Pedro Adao

    Pedro Adao
    Be one of the tens of thousands of early-stage or elite entrepreneurs around the world that will go from frustrated and overwhelmed to finally launching and growing their business online successfully in 2022 with the power of challenges.
    20 Burns Avenue, San Ignacio BZ

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